Our main competitive advantage on the labor market - training and professional development of employees within the company. When hiring new employees, preference is given to not so experienced, as to capable candidates. We promote their professional and personal development: use of adaptation programs, corporate trainings and seminars, internal professional development programs and trainings.
Our personnel policy aims to create a team of professionals. The company is continually evolving
  • human resources management system is being modernized,
  • motivation tools and training system are being improved,
  • creative approach to business and the desire to bring innovative ideas and new technological solutions are encouraged.
We take care about our employees.
Realizing that the work takes us a lot of time and effort, the employees have a great opportunity to practice sports and to keep health. Swimming pool, a gym, volleyball and football clubs, as well as medical insurance (VMI) are available for them. Regular social events such as tourist rallies, sports days, competitions, family and children's events give the opportunity to meet new people, informal communication and exchange of experience among the company's employees.
We aim to create for our maximum comfortable conditions for work and rest, what will enable them to fulfill their potential effectively and to achieve maximum results in the company.