Our History

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Our History
The KOMPO Company was founded in 1991. Its founder and Director General Mikhail Belousov, being a specialist in machine building, put his theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience and commitment as a basis for his enterprise to be ahead of the industry.
This allowed developing, step by step, and establishing the manufacturing of a line of clippers, from manual to automatic, a series of vacuum screw and rotor fillers with unique specifications, food block flakers, and other equipment for meat processing, and organizing the production of consumables.
Our present
As of today, the company employing 432 people owns production facilities with the total area of 9100 sq. m and is located within the city of Brest on a territory of 4 ha, as well as production facilities in Ukraine.
KOMPO has now become a global brand. This successful Belarusian company exports its products to 5 continents and in more than 30 countries.
Nowadays, the enterprise is continuing to permanently improve its production according to the KAIZEN system, getting rid of the processes that do not add value to the products manufactured. The ongoing improvement of the process of its own designs follows the road of deep insight into the consumer's preferences and creating new products in line with the market's modern demands. It is in this way that the precise dosing machine that has become the hit of the season. The perfecting of the process of sales and operation by the end user goes along the road of creating a branching commodity distribution network that consists of distributors and dealers.
Our future
KOMPO will continue to improve its processes, seeking to enhance its brand. The company links its future success to the ability to flexibly react to the changing environment and possibility to offer to the market its new products in accordance with its quickly changing requirements.
  • Satisfaction and delight of our Customers
  • The Customer is satisfied when he gets what he wants
  • The Customer is delighted when he gets more than he wants
  • Meat processing enterprises;
  • Dairies and fisheries;
  • Vegetable warehouses;
  • Trade outlets of network retail;
  • Other trading outlets.
  • Double screw and rotor vane vacuum fillers complete with lift devices, twisters and in-line grinders
  • Precise product dosing machine
  • Clippers from manual to automatic with labelers
  • Frozen food block flakers
  • Tunnel washing machines
  • U-clips, continuous clips, piece loops and loops glued on tape, labelling tape
  • The only manufacturer in the world that offers complete sausage production lines
  • The brand recognised worldwide, the customers' confidence gained during decades of conscientious cooperation
  • Universal, user-friendly and reliable equipment meeting the latest requirements for quality and safety (ISO 9001-2001, СЕ marking, requirements of the Safety directives of the European Union)
  • Powerful team of designers, individual approach to the customer's demands
  • Wide distribution network covering most of the world regions and organised so as to be immediately within the customer's reach
  • Authorised service centres integrated into all links of the distribution network, allowing us to perform maintenance and repairs within the shortest time