Precise dosing machine UTD-01

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The precise dosing machine UTD-01 is used for an increased accuracy of dosing of emulsified stuffings and pates, melted cheese and other paste-like products in production lines with stuffers КОМPО-ОPТI and automatic clippers КN-32 filling the product into tubular casings.
The machine's operating unit follows the principle of volumetric dosing: the dosing cylinder pushes a definite volume of product into the clipper cog.
The high output, dosing accuracy and possibility to handle all types of paste-like products allow obtaining a high quality product that satisfies all demands of the consumers and all standard requirements for permissible tolerance for the weight.
  • ncrease the productivity of the line;
  • the minimum time required for setup and maintenance;
  • equipment is controlled by a single operator;
  • easy sanitary treatment;
  • reliability and low operating costs.
Technical specification
Dose adjustment range, g
100 - 1000
Dosing accuracy, %
± 1 *
Air consumption, l/cycle
Overall dimensions:
Length*Width*Height, mm
Net weight, kg
* Depending on the casing diameter, the smaller is the diameter, the better is the accuracy.